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What We Do:

KB8 Consulting

KB8 Consulting is your policy and communications edge, and we are here to serve you.

Our services include:

Strategic Planning -

We can help your company/organization develop focused, effective short and long term strategic plans to address pressing regulatory or legislative issues, to provide a strong public affairs platform for your organization, and to provide a clear and effective message of your vision.

Re-Branding -

If you are looking to expand your charter, pursue business development, or re-define your organization to address changing market, technology or other factors, we can help formulate and communicate that re-branding with you.

Public Affairs -

We can help put your best image forward, ensure you are seen and heard by the right stakeholders, decision makers and influencers, and work with you to ensure you are consistently and effectively moving your organization and its interests forward.

Public Forums-

Will a major event help you to move a particular initiative forward; demonstrate that you are the go to organization on key issues; or highlight how you want to be seen today and into the future?  Let us work with you and our partners to develop high visibility/high impact forums that put your organization in the spotlight and keep your message at the forefront.      

Policy Advising-

We can help you make sense of how regulatory or legislative issues can impact your organization, how to effectively get your message before decision-makers, and where you can align with other interests and stakeholders for greatest probability of success.


We can help you develop supporting research to assist in all of the service areas KB8 Consulting provides and have a broad network of partners and aligned interests we can work with to ensure you have comprehensive information before moving forward.