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She Shares's Speaker Series with Nancy "Lady Magic" Lieberman, Assistant Coach for the Sacramento Kings: Breaking Down Barriers in Sports

On July 30, 2015, Nancy Lieberman became the second woman in history to join the coaching staff of an NBA team. Currently, Nancy Lieberman is the Assistant Coach with the Sacramento Kings. On December 16th, Nancy was She Shares's featured speaker for their Speaker Series event, which KB8 CEO Kelly E. Boyd both sponsored and attended. The event focused on breaking the gender stereotypes in the professional world and ways in which women can support one another and mentor future generations of female leaders. 

On February 25th, KB8 co-sponsored and attended She Shares's extremely successful Speaker Series event featuring former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers. Ms. Myers spoke about the Presidential election and the challenges that women face in the political and media world. Press coverage of the event can be found by clicking on the links below:

Dee Dee Myers became Executive Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for Warner Bros. in September 2014. In this role, she oversees all of the company's corporate communications strategies and activities on a global basis, including media relations, public positioning, executive communications, corporate responsibility and philanthropy.

Recent Past Events ​

KB8 Consulting chooses to highlight past events that made left a profound impact on the members of KB8 and represent the mission of KB8 Consulting. Below are just a few of these events. 

How to Make 2016 the Best Year for Your Career

Featured Past Events

She Shares's Speaker Series: Dee Dee Myers Event: Women, Politics, & Media

KB8 CEO and founder, Kelly E. Boyd, a 2016 Platinum Sponsor of CAWIE, helped in the planning and execution of CAWiE's January 21st event at the California Chamber of Commerce, How to Make 2016 the Best Year for Your Career. The event featured prominent career and success coach, Cami McLaren, who lead a thought-provoking workshop where participants developed their plan for success in 2016.

On September 9, 2015, KB8 CEO and proud SheShares mentor, Kelly Boyd, attended and participated in SheShares' conversation with University of California president Janet Napolitano. The SheShares conversation was held over a luncheon with mentors, mentees, and guest actively participating in the conversation. Unsurprisingly, this SheShares event sold out quickly. Tickets to future events may be purchased on the SheShares Eventbrite page.  More information and highlights for this and other events by SheShares can be found by clicking the following links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on the SheShares' website.  Pictured above: SheShares mentors and mentees with UC President (and Former Arizona Governor) Janet Napolitano at the Sutter Club in Sacramento, speaker University of California President Janet Napolitano with Karen Breslau, and the press release for SheShares' event. All photos were provided by SheShares. 

 ‎SheShares‬ conversation with University of California President Janet Napolitano


August 20th: Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)'s Pathway to 2050 Energy Event
KB8 CEO, Kelly Boyd, participated in this year's event, hosted by Advanced Energy Economy, on behalf of KB8's transportation and electrification clients. 
AEE's Pathway to 2050 brought together highly influential groups of advanced energy leaders in the business and policy-maker worlds to discuss opportunities to accelerate California’s economy through the growth of advanced energy. Speakers included C-level executives and high-profile policymakers. Every year, Pathway to 2050 attracts a broad range of industry leaders from advanced transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, the utility sector, and many more. More information can be found on the event's webpage, http://info.aee.net/pathway-to-2050 or by clicking the link in the event title above.  

August 19th: Members Only Briefing by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and PacifiCorp on the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) and their recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Attended by KB8 founder Kelly Boyd, this briefing by representatives from the CAISO and PacifiCorp provided summaries, updates, and answers to questions regarding the EIM and recently announced MOU regarding PacifiCorp joining the CAISO.

Calpine's Geysers Geothermal Energy Facility Tour

Kelly Boyd of KB8 Consulting, in her capacity as a board member at California Women in Energy (CAWiE), hosted a tour of Calpine's Geysers geothermal energy facilities in Sonoma and Lake Counties. Despite a nearby wildfire, the tour was a huge success thanks to Calpine's excellent team, and the group from CA Wildfires have been increasing in California and pose significant risks to electric generating and transmission facilities.

Bay Area Sustainability Conference

KB8 founder Kelly Boyd speaking on integrated clean transportation planning at Bay Area Sustainability conference in June. The conference drew together people from various professions focused on sustainability and fostered connections among them. 

2015 She Shares Class

Founder and CEO of KB8 Consulting, Kelly Boyd, lent her years of expertise gained from working as a lobbyist, director, energy consultant, and woman in politics to the 2015 She Shares Class. She Shares is a mentoring and networking organization, focused on aiding young women in business through unique and innovative conversation series that feature "trailblazing women who have created an impact for women in California and beyond". Ms. Boyd was excited and honored to join She Shares as a mentor for this years 2015 She Shares Class. 

California's Golden Electric Future

On May 27, CalETC hosted their 2015 California Golden Electric Future at the beautiful Presidio in San Francisco. KB8 founder Kelly Boyd was instrumental in the organization of the event and was also an invited guest. CalETC hosted this clean transportation forum with a vision to expanding the integration of electrification policies across transportation modes. The forum brought thought leaders, regulators, legislators, statewide elected officials and leaders in the auto-making, heavy machinery and transit manufacturing areas to discuss successes, identify obstacles and help develop plans to lead California into the next generation of transportation electrification and meaningful greenhouse gas reductions.

On May 19th the prestigious Hawthorne Club held a panel titled The Opportunities and Challenges of the Emerging Clean Energy Industry at the Seawell Boardroom in the Bass Library at Stanford University. The panel and reception were followed by the members and speakers' dinner at the Rosewood Hotel. Panelist included: Nancy McFadden Executive Secretary for Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., Dian Grueneich, Stanford University, Elizabeth Brinton Vice President of Corporate Strategy of PG&E, Jennifer Didlo President of AES Southland & Heather Redman Board Member of Summit Power, Susan Kennedy, CEO of Advanced Microgrids, and Nancy Pfund, CEO of DBL Investors & Lecturer in Management at Stanford Business School will be the Moderator. The Hawthorne Club can be found on Twitter using  @TheHawthornClub.

Hawthorn Club's Panel at Stanford & Members' Dinner

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