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      Kelly Boyd has over twenty-five years’ experience in the public policy and strategic communications realm and has a strong record as a corporate executive and as a long time, trusted advisor to key decision makers in California and in building effective profiles and messaging for her clients to deliver success.

     After many years working successfully for the internal consumer advocacy group within the California Public Utilities Commission she was chosen to also be the legislative advocate for that group when it became independent of the commission.   Ms. Boyd was able to obtain sponsored legislation to expand the charter for the consumer advocate and she built strong coalitions with industry groups, environmental groups and other stakeholders on energy, environmental, communications, transportation and water issues that elevated the profile of her organization and allowed them to actively engage with the legislature, federally, and with the Governor’s Office. During the state’s energy crisis of 2000-2001 she was asked to work as the Chief Consultant in the California Assembly’s Utilities and Commerce committee and also served on the Speaker’s and Governor’s special task forces for the crisis. Ms. Boyd was tasked both with developing policy analysis and recommendations for the committees and also convening stakeholder groups to negotiate major issues throughout the session. She also addressed many industry workshops, annual meetings and policy forums on these and other issues.

       Over the past thirteen years Ms. Boyd has represented clients across the spectrum of telecommunications, water, energy and environmental interests and has been deeply engaged in moving California’s environmental policies forward in economically sound and effective manners. She has also represented high tech, communications, retail, healthcare, and insurance interests on issues as diverse as privacy, consumer choice, market impacts of technology convergence, endangered species and desert protection act issues, transportation/ports electrification and water conservation. She also spent more than five years as a utility executive running a highly successful and respected legislative office. Ms. Boyd has a diverse and significant policy background, a strong working knowledge of legislative and regulatory processes and solid relationships with legislators, regulators and the Executive branch in California. She translates these strengths into building effective communications platforms for clients that have raised their profiles, created positive images and provided effective advocacy and ongoing political access for them. Ms. Boyd works collaboratively and has developed and executed numerous successful grassroots communications efforts with allied interests, major policy forums that have been broadly attended, client open houses, proactive and crisis communication strategies and platforms, as well as advocacy and communications strategies. She provides a solid communications and policy edge for clients in California politics and beyond.      

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